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Promotion Solution Suite Modules

The Promotion Solution Suite consists of three distinct modules, they are:
Promotion Execution Module
Promotions Continuity Module
Promotions Management Module
Central Coupon Module

Promotion Execution Module

The Promotion Execution Module is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art software application that takes a customer’s basket of products, analyzes its content, applies all the appropriate promotions, and produces easy to understand reward information quickly and without any cashier or customer service intervention.
PEM Design Characteristics

Design Characteristics

Eliminates cashier and customer service decisions and calculations, resulting in:

  • Consistent application of promotions
  • Consistent treatment of customers
  • Faster checkout
  • Elimination of errors

Allows retailers to implement complex promotions to attract customers and maintain their loyalty.

Promotion Continuity Module

The Promotion Continuity Module is an independent module that works in conjunction with the Promotion Execution Module and enables promotions that are based on purchases made over a period of time. This solution features a centralized customer purchase history and manages the promotions qualification calculations. It supports all Promotion Execution Module promotion reward types, does not require cashier or customer service action or intervention, and promotes customer loyalty over multiple shopping visits.

  • Promotes customer loyalty over multiple shopping visits
  • Centralized customer purchase history
  • Previous purchases included in PEM promotions qualification calculations
  • All PEM promotion reward types supported. e.g. discounts, free items, gift cards, loyalty points, coupons, etc.
  • No cashier or customer service action required

Promotion Management Module

The Promotion Management Module is a browser based application that provides the ability to create and manage promotion definitions centrally or at the store level.

Promotion Management Module UI

  • Single point of management for all promotions
  • Allows creation of simple and complex promotions
  • Utilizes wizards to simplify the promotion definition process for business users
  • Provides enhanced features such as cloning, libraries, filters, etc
  • Includes promotion overlap detection
  • Includes a promotion data import and export capability
  • Supports maintenance of Receipt Marketing messages
  • Supports maintenance of Loyalty Point redemption plans

Central Coupon Module

The Central Coupon Module  is a web-based application that can work independently or in conjunction with PEM and allows for the creation, management, and tracking of coupons across channels.

  • Supports coupons that have a stored monetary value that can be used over a period of time, replacing the need to use gift cards for campaigns.
  • Enables control of targeted coupons with maximum uses, preventing copying and over usage.
  • Allows loading of pre-defined coupons, including value, maximum number of uses, and effective dates.
  • Supports the generation and creation of coupon ID’s when coupons are distributed as part of a promotion campaign.
  • Tracks the issuance and use of coupons across channels.