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XCCommerce and Skillnet announce thier global strategic alliance – XCCommerce


XCCommerce, a leading provider of transformative promotions solutions, and SkillNet Solutions, a leading global retail systems integrator specialized in providing retailers with a connected customer experience across channels through digital transformations, today announced they have established a global strategic alliance that will deliver complete omnichannel promotion and coupon solutions across retail sectors and tiers.

XC’s state-of-the-art Promotion Solution Suite allows retailers to easily create and manage very complex and sophisticated promotions, and execute them at any point-of-purchase without human intervention. Through the combination of XC’s proven and powerful solutions, and SkillNet’s specialized, high quality, global consulting and implementation services, retailers can enable a single point of truth for all their offers and coupons across the enterprise.

“XCCommerce is revolutionizing the way retailers create and drive relevant promotions and coupons to all their channels,” said Anurag Mehta, Chief Operating Officer for SkillNet. “Together we’re committed to rapidly deploying these solutions so retailers can outperform their competition and deliver compelling offers no matter, when, where, or how their customers choose to shop.”

“We’re delighted with the newly formed alliance,”
said Nabil Tabet, President, XCCommerce. “SkillNet has unrivaled global solution implementation experience in delivering consulting, engineering, cloud, and support services that enhance the customer experience. The partnership between our organizations will enable the quick rollout of the Promotion Solutions Suite.”

About XCCommerce (www.xccommerce.com) XCCommerce is a leader in providing transformative, state-of-the-art, promotion solutions. XCCommerce’s suite of products support retailers’ Omni-channel initiatives by providing an integrated platform with rich, full function applications that enable the set up, maintenance, and execution of complex promotions across all channels, delivering a cohesive customer experience at all points of purchase.

About Skillnet (www.skillnetinc.com) SkillNet Solutions, Inc. is a leading global consulting services and retail systems integrator specializing in providing complete end-to-end, omnichannel commerce solutions in stores, merchandising, e-commerce, supply chain, customer management, and data analytics. SkillNet offers retailers consulting, solution delivery, cloud, and support services. Having successfully implemented award-winning solutions for the retail industry’s top performers for over twenty years, SkillNet delivers digital transformations that provide retailers with a seamless and connected customer experience across all channels. Founded in 1996 in the heart of Silicon Valley, SkillNet has expanded into a global enterprise spanning three continents with offices in Cleveland, Austin, Sunnyvale, Toronto, London, New Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Pune.

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