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Multi-currency promotions key component of omni-channel retail strategy

In today’s digital world, retailer’s are challenged with delivering promotional offers and coupons across multiple channels, countries, and currencies, while delivering its customers a true omni-channel experience. L Brands, a global fashion retailer operating over 3000 stores worldwide and annual revenues exceeding $12B, implemented XCCommerce’s industry leading promotion solution, delivering its customers an omni-channel experience and generating a strategic advantage over its competitors.

Client L Brands Inc.


Vertical ApparelHealth / Beauty

Size 3000+ Stores

Background + Business Challenge

Limited Brands (L Brands) is a leader in the North American fashion industry, with brands including Victoria Secret, Pink, and Bath and Body Works. L Brands is committed to providing their customers with the world’s best fashion brands of beauty and style, with a relevant, innovative experience. This includes offering a variety of promotion and coupon types that are appealing to their customers. With over 3000 stores and online sales in over 50 countries, promotion handling was complex and labour intensive.

Our Solution

Partnering with XCCommerce, L Brands delivers valuable rich promotion and coupon functionality across its multiple brands, channels and countries. The XCCommerce  Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) provides L Brands with the ability to offer sophisticated promotions with the same behaviour and customer experience across its different sales channels. XCCommerce’s modular solutions and easy integration provides for the adoption of additional channels without the need for promotion related development. PSS is a high-speed and fully automated solution, delivering complex promotion conflict resolution, with consistent results.

L Brands creates coupon offers to target customers with specific offers, and to provide loyalty rewards. XCCommerce’s Central Coupon Management module provides support to ensure coupons are single use, are applied only when all defined criteria have been met, and use encoded IDs to help prevent fraud.

XCCommerce’s PSS multi-currency support is used to minimize the effort related to operating in many countries and using different currencies. A single promotion may apply to multiple countries, holding the specific target and reward amounts in each applicable currency. The implementation of XCCommerce’s innovative solutions eliminated the need for L Brands to create many duplicated promotions, by supporting different values for each currency within a single promotion.

Summary of Value Delivered

  • Promotion Effectiveness   XCCommerce’s rules based promotion engine provides a broad array of promotions, with support for complex stacking and conflict resolution rules. Each of L Brands’ chain will use over 100 variations of promotion types.
  • Sales Associate EffectivenessXCCommerce’s fully automated execution of promotions ensures elimination of calculation errors, with no additional load or stress on store associates.
  • Product FocusL Brands uses promotions as well as targeted coupon offers to draw customer focus to desired items, such as overstocked products, high margin items, and seasonal items.
  • Customer LoyaltyThe XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite provides support for L Brands’ customer loyalty reward coupons, automating their application and rules.
  • Increase Basket SizeTo increase basket size of customers, L Brands leverages the rich functionality of PSS to create quantity based, bundle, combo, and tiered offers. In addition, L Brands takes advantage of the PSS promotions information and upsell functionality for consumer interaction during shopping to advise of promotions and drive additional sales.
  • Automation SystemsXCCommerce’s Promotion Engine provides L Brands with the ability to use complex and overlapping promotions with fully automated execution, eliminating the need for any associate manual effort and reducing discount errors. This allows associates to focus on customer service.
  • Reduce Total Cost of OwnershipThe XCCommerce product architecture enabled L Brands to implement XCCommerce’s promotion solution in its environment with minimal changes to their existing solutions and systems, reducing development, implementation, maintenance, and support costs for the overall solution across all channels.


Results + Value Delivered

Adoption of the XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite has delivered L Brands a competitive advantage by being able to easily implement every type of promotional offer created from their strategic marketing campaigns. This is particularly important as each of its brands use a large number (100+) of promotion types, with each brand having its own unique rules.

The XCCommerce PSS multi-currency support has provided L Brands with the ability to automate the handling of multiple countries and currencies without requiring a large manual effort when defining offers.

The partnership with XCCommerce has enabled L Brands to offer a consistent customer experience across all current and future sales channels.