Architecture & Technology

The Promotion Solution Suite is a Java solution designed and built as a Service Oriented Application that can be used to apply discounts and promotions at all points or purchase, including POS, Mobile POS, kiosks, and e-Commerce. Highly scalable, the Promotion Solution Suite can process hundreds of simultaneous transactions to support centralized deployment and online sales and offers API interfaces to facilitate use with any ERP, POS, or ecommerce applications.

Workflow and Feature Highlights

  1. Create events.
  2. Promotions can be defined using the web based Promotion Maintenance Module or fed from corporate systems or a combination.
  3. The Promotions Execution Module can be run as a Service and may be deployed in-store or centrally at the corporate office.
  4. Rewards can be monetary, gift cards, points, messages, coupons, etc.
  5. No user knowledge required, just enter items, coupons, and total or checkout.
  6. Displays and receipt can show promotion details, total saved, points earned, etc.
  7. The Promotion Execution Module can also be used for POS, Kiosk, eCommerce, and consumer interaction sales applications to ensure consistent promotion types and enhanced customer experience.
  8. Itemized promotions data can be included in the transaction data.
  9. Finance and analytics evaluate the results.

Seamless promotions across all channels

Do you have a cross-channel promotions strategy?