Our Approach

Our approach to implementation is based on a well proven, managed, and controlled process that ensures that the Promotion Solution Suite is implemented for optimal organizational gains.

We ensure that there is organizational buy-in to the solution throughout the process of implementation to ensure that the system is configured to meet the users needs and the customers expectations of a seamless experience


Behind each XCCommerce implementation is a proven, best of industry standard, methodology and process.

We specialize in implementing solutions to fulfill retailers’ current and future requirements, while delivering predictable benefits.

Our expertise lies in the interface between business and IT, ensuring that technical solutions meet business requirements, expectations, and corporate objectives; all while safeguarding that the project is delivered on time and within budget.


Each implementation combines high-end consulting and project management; and with over two decades of experience our clients benefit from our deep retail business and technical industry expertise and domain.

Our professionals excel due to our philosophy of continuous skills training as well as their long-term, extensive experience with multiple client projects. It is these skills that are critical when tailoring the Promotion Solution Suite to each individual implementation covering areas of expertise such as deployment architecture,integration and application functionality.

Our superior solution and implementation know-how has been key to our establishing and maintaining a 100% referenceable client base.

Seamless promotions across all channels

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