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New strategies for promotions management
in grocery and convenience retail

The processes and systems grocers use to win and retain customer loyalty are not working effectively and may be damaging the brand image.

While grocery and convenience retailers can take comfort from the fact that loyal customers spend more, spend more often and cost less to sell to than new customers, what is now becoming clear, particularly post-pandemic, is that they expect more in return. Our research tells us that 72% want more promotions, 69% make it the reason they bought from the retailer and 62% are loyal to retailers who offer promotions.

Are you in a position to take advantage of this, driving return on investment across channels, at the speed of consumer demand?

Download our mini guide to understand how to move in to the new world of integrated, automated and rules based promotion management, how all channels can be supported and how teams can respond more quickly to emerging market conditions, driving turnover and increasing customer satisfaction.