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Promotion Solutions Suite

The Promotion Solution Suite is a powerful omni-channel tool for retailers who are looking to gain market advantage and deliver on the customer experience by providing consistent complex promotions regardless of channel. The suite provides a retailer strategy based promotion setup and leading edge targeted customer interaction promotions.

The Suite provides robust complex promotion support including those specific to customers, segments, loyalty, vendors, time & date, product purchases, bundled packages, and coupons. It utilizes advanced conflict resolution algorithms to ensure the Best Deal is calculated for all promotions. The Promotion Solution Suite is fully internationalized, with support for multiple languages and currencies.

Management Module

The Promotion Management Module supports deep complexity for promotional setup and management across all channels, without the user needing weeks of training.  Provides a browser based single view of all promotions directly created in the tool or imported in from external sources.

Execution Module

The extremely fast and scalable Promotion Execution Module evaluates customer baskets, finds applicable promotions, analyzes all the possible permutations, resolves the conflicts to find the best deal and returns the results in milliseconds.  The engine is an external service which can be used to provide the same promotion capabilities and consistent calculations across all sales channels.

Central Coupon Module

The Central Coupon module supports 100’s of millions of coupons, segregated durations, encoding options, and usage controls, this browser based tool supports the creation, management and tracking of coupons across all channels. It can be run in conjunction with the promotion execution engine to offer unparalleled generic and targeted promotion across all channels.

Continuity Module

Extend your promotion capabilities and support promotions based on purchases made over a period of time. The Continuity Promotion Module works in conjunction with the Promotion Execution Module to provide all the promotion capabilities and rules over multiple shopping visits.

Promotion Information

The Promotion Information service provides information about promotions for display to consumers while browsing items online. Retailers can cache this information to support fast display when customers are browsing product listings and product details.

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