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Promotion Management Module

The Promotion Management Module is a browser based application that provides the ability to create and manage promotion definitions across all channels. It delivers deep complexity through a simple step guided wizard process.

  • Single point of managementSingle point of management for all promotions, regardless of brand, channel, country, currency or language.
  • Streamlined PromotionsStreamlines and accelerates promotion creation, delivery, management and execution.
  • Rapid Response to Ever Changing Business NeedsFacilitates rapid response to ever changing business needs, merchandise priorities, and competitive pressures through easy deployment of new wizards for entirely different promotion functions.
  • Loyalty point programsSupports loyalty point program promotions with base, bonus and multiplier capabilities. 
  • Provides robust complex promotionsIncluding those specific to customers, segments, loyalty, vendors, time & date, product purchases, bundled packages, and coupons.
  • Multi-LanguageMaintenance of upsell, cross sell, and receipt marketing messages in any languages you do business in.
  • Enhanced FeaturesProvides enhanced features such as cloning, libraries, filters, etc.
  • Saves time to execute promotionsSignificantly reduces time to develop and execute promotional programs.
  • Supported Import and ExportIncludes a promotion import and export through multiple interfaces including Pub Sub solutions.

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