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Continuity Promotion Module

The Promotion Continuity Module is an independent module that works in conjunction with the Promotion Execution Module (PEM) and enables promotions that are based on purchases made over a period of time. This solution features a centralized customer purchase history and manages the promotions qualification calculations. It supports all Promotion Execution Module promotion reward types, does not require cashier or customer service action or intervention.

  • Implement Complex PromotionsAllows retailers to implement complex promotions that promote customer loyalty requiring purchases over multiple shopping visits.
  • Loyalty + Gamification strategies Supports Gamification strategies for loyalty programs
  • Browser Based UI A browser based UI allowing for centralized customer purchase history view.
  • Previous Purchase HistoryPrevious purchases included in PEM promotions qualification calculations
  • Supports PEM Reward Types All the deep complexity of PEM promotion reward types supported. e.g. discounts, free items, gift cards, loyalty points, coupons, etc.
  • Automatic with no manual action required
    No cashier or customer service action required

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