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Promotion Execution Module

The Promotion Execution Module is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art software application that takes a customer’s basket of products, analyzes its content, resolves conflicts and applies all the appropriate promotions, while producing easy to understand reward information quickly and without any cashier or customer service intervention.

  • Complex Multi-Level & Multi-Rule PromotionsSupports complex multi-level and multi-rule promotions from our Promotional Management module or direct sources.
  • Advanced Conflict ResolutionUtilizes advanced conflict resolution algorithms to ensure the Best Deal is calculated for all promotions.
  • Horizontally scalable to meet demandsHorizontally scalable to meet demand before or as it occurs, ensuring faster checkouts and readiness when that campaign goes viral.
  • Consistent ExecutionEnsures consistent execution of promotions and experience for customers regardless of channel.
  • Eliminates Potential User ErrorEliminates errors caused by intervention on promotions where existing solutions couldn’t support the complexity of rules the retailer wants to run.
  • Optimizes existing POS and Ecommerce systemsOptimizes existing Head Office, Point-of-Service, and ecommerce systems, extending their life and reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Resiliency at its coreResiliency at its core, able to run from many different sources, on many different platforms and even on it’s own if disaster strikes.

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