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Creating a customer centric shopping experience with personalized promotions

Metro, one of Canada’s premier grocers with over 950 food stores, implements XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite as part of its overall approach of providing a customer centric focus, including loyalty rewards and personalized offer processing. XCCommerce’s advanced promotion solution enables Metro to quickly create customer targeted offers, including loyalty point promotions and personalized targeted coupon offers.

Client Metro


Vertical GroceryDrug / Pharmacy

Size 950+ stores

Background + Business Challenge

Metro, one of Canada’s premier grocers, with over 950 food stores under multiple banners, firmly believes in a customer-centric approach that includes promoting health and well-being while providing customers with quality products. Metro offers its own line of high quality products at an affordable price.

As part of its customer focused approach, Metro has a large loyalty program featuring 5+ million households to which they strive to offer personalized, relevant weekly offers.

Metro was in need of a promotion and coupon solution that could support its specific requirements and future proof it against development costs as new functionality was required and new channels were added. In addition, Metro had a need to address its specific loyalty and targeted promotional requirements related loyalty point reward offers (bonus and multiplier) and single use coupons targeted to individual customers / households.

Supporting its commitment to providing a customer centric shopping experience, Metro required a promotion and coupon solution to seamlessly operate with its CRM system, which analyzes loyalty member purchases and selects relevant coupon offers for each member.

Metro also required the ability to select the best deal between promotions which overlapped on some of the same items. This would ensure customer satisfaction while also ensuring that unintended deep discounts were not applied due to multiple offers.

In a very dynamic food market, the Promotion software gives us a much needed competitive edge to retain and improve market share.

Lyne Noël, Retail Information Systems, Metro Inc.

Solution + Results Delivered

Partnering with XCCommerce, Metro implemented XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) to support its customer targeted offers, including the support of loyalty point promotions and personalized targeted coupon offers. XCCommerce’s advanced promotion solutions provides the rich promotion and coupon functionality Metro needs, combined with fast, fully automated, consistent results.

Combining XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite with its existing CRM solution, Metro provides offers to customers based on the customer’s previous shopping history and preferences. XCCommerce’s Central Coupon Management module provides control of coupon usage, as well as allowing coupons to be tied to the customer’s account (wallet).

XCCommerce’s Promotion Engine was deployed in store, without the need for hardware change, reducing the overall cost and effort for Metro.

With the XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite Metro has the ability to implement any type of promotional offer it needs to drive sales and customer loyalty. The partnership with XCCommerce and the adoption of our advanced promotion and coupon solutions has provided Metro the ability to support any current or future sales channel.

Summary of Value Delivered

  • Promotion Effectiveness   XCCommerce’s rules based promotion engine provides a broad array of promotions, with support for complex stacking and conflict resolution rules.
  • Sales Associate EffectivenessXCCommerce’s fully automated execution of promotions ensures fast throughput at checkout and elimination of calculation errors, with no additional load or stress on cashiers.
  • Product FocusMetro uses point and/or targeted coupon offers to draw customer focus to desired items, such as overstocked products, high margin items, and seasonal items.
  • Customer LoyaltyMetro uses the XCCommerce’s Promotions Solution Suite as part of its overall approach of providing a customer centric focus, including loyalty rewards and personalized offer processing.
  • Automation SystemsXCCommerce’s Promotion Engine provides Metro an automated solution for applying promotions and resolving overlaps, eliminating the need for cashier manual intervention and thereby reducing labour costs and discount errors.
  • Market Trend ResponseMetro can rapidly respond to the changing market trends and priorities by quickly creating new and complex promotional offers using the rich functionality from XCCommerce’s advanced promotion solution.
  • Reduce Total Cost of OwnershipThe XCCommerce product architecture enabled Metro to implement the solution in its environment with minimal changes to its existing solutions and systems, reducing development, implementation, maintenance, and support costs for the overall solution across all sales channels