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Omni-Channel Promotion Solution Across All Fashion Brands

Tailored Brands implemented the XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite to support an omni-channel multi-language promotion and coupon solution, while still allowing for promotions to be unique to each brand, regardless of the sales channels in place.

Client Tailored Brands Inc


Vertical Apparel

Background + Business Challenge

Tailored Brands is a fashion retailer with multiple brands and locations across North America, with annual revenues of approximately $3 billion. Featuring leading menswear retailers Men’s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores Clothing for Men, and family retailer K&G Fashion Superstore, Tailored Brands is a leading omni-channel specialty retailer, who helps its customers look and feel their best by delivering personalized products and services through its global network of stores and eCommerce sites.

XC’s Enterprise Promotion Solution will greatly standardize our business processes and modernize our technology footprint.  These are critical advantages in a fast paced and complex retail environment.

JP Mudhireddy, Vice President Store Systems & Payments, Tailored Brands

Tailored Brands needed to support multiple promotions between different brands and sales channels and as such, when new promotion functionality was required, custom development was needed between each brand to be able to obtain the same or unique functionality. Tailored Brands required a promotion and coupon solution that allowed for promotions to be unique to each brand, with more granular promotions using attributes, as well as supporting promotion content in multiple languages. Tailored Brands was looking for a fully automated promotion solution. Using its existing systems, custom promotions required manual intervention by sales representatives, resulting in consistency issues and revenue loss.

Our Solution

The XCCommerce Promotions Solution Suite (PSS) was chosen to provide multi-lingual promotion and coupon setup by brand.  XCCommerce’s PSS native ability to support supplemental attributes, collections, and combos, allowed Tailored Brands to create promotions that could not have been executed with its previous system.  The externalizing of the promotion execution process allowed for consistent behaviour across all current and future sales channels, and future brands.

Using the web-based Promotions Management Module from XCCommerce, Tailored Brands’ unique and complex promotions were entered into multi-lingual wizards, enabling each brand to quickly build promotions from its own library of promotions with separate access and view to promotions and coupons by brand.

XCCommerce’s advanced promotion solution delivered automated promotion calculations for all promotions across all channels, resulting in a reduction of the labour required at Tailored Brands stores for checkout, and allowed for a more focused sales process for the associates on the floor with their customers.

Tailored Brands seamlessly deployed the Coupon Management module from XCCommerce, providing Tailored with the ability to track and control the use of coupons and prevent loss due to fraud and misuse.

Summary of Value Delivered

  • Promotion EffectivenessXCCommerce’s promotion engine module allows each brand within Tailored Brands to run its own promotion setup.   Tailored Brands can use supplemental attributes and combinations to support automated promotions on details that could not have been done previously.
  • Increase Conversion RatesXCCommerce support for promotion granularity and combinations allows for promotions to be automated where they were previously manual, allowing for faster checkout and greater focus for sales staff.   Tailored Brands utilizes XC’s upsell functionality in promotions to continue to improve basket size.
  • Sales Associate EffectivenessSales Associates now see all promotions executing automatically, allowing them to focus on customer needs rather than what items to try to group together for the best deal.
  • Product DemandTailored Brands is now able to target very specific attributes on items in its sales channels, allowing it to use promotions strategically to increase demand on specific products it wants to target to its customers.
  • Customer LoyaltyTailored Brands is now able to create promotions to issue coupons based on basket spends to encourage return visits, as well as incentivize the use of its private label credit card.
  • Marketing Campaign Effectiveness      Tailored Brands can create multi-lingual promotions with supplemental attributes allowing marketing campaigns to focus on what items should/should not be promoted, reducing margin bleed on all promotion setups.   Each brand can setup its own promotional campaigns with its own unique attributes.
  • Increase Basket SizeTailored Brands utilizes combos to create packages of items that can be grouped for items like suits made up of separates, as well as combinations such as tux rental groups that include many items.   This support allows Tailored Brands to create promotions that require multiple components to be met to receive the promotion.   Tailored Brands is utilizing XCCommerce’s upsell messaging functions to assist in growing average basket size.
  • Centralized promotions & Coupon ManagementTailored Brands utilizes XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite to create promotions and coupons across all brands and channels.   The XC promotion solution is utilized in its eCommerce and POS environments and segregated for promotion and coupon setup by brand.  Tailored Brands can see in one place, its promotions across all its sales channels and brands.
  • Automation Systems       XC’s Promotion Engine solution provides complete automation of promotions without the need for manual intervention by Sales Associates to resolve overlaps or identify best deals.  The results for Tailored Brands include improved margins and reduced time for sales associates to complete transactions.
  • Market Trend ResponseTailored Brands can now add any new supplemental information needed for any product for promotion setup.   Tailored Brands stand ready to dynamically address shifting market and geographical needs.
  • Reduce Total Cost of OwnershipXCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite is centrally deployed for Tailored Brands, with a single point for promotion and coupon creation, providing Tailored Brands with reduced support costs. The use of promotion wizards and of supplemental attributes means that custom code per sales application is no longer required, reducing ongoing IT development and integration costs.

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Results + Value Delivered

XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite allows Tailored Brands to expand its promotion capabilities without needing to perform custom code upgrades in eCommerce, OMS and POS systems. Tailored Brands can setup integrations to any sales application with XCCommerce’s open APIs by banner, while maintaining the flexibility for different promotion responses based on each brand’s unique promotion offering.

Tailored Brands realized savings by eliminating the need to create custom code across multiple sales applications whenever new functionality was required. Now, the process is streamlined for Tailored Brands to create sophisticated and unique promotions with XCCommerce’s promotion wizards.

XCCommerce’s collection, combo and supplemental attribute support allows Tailored Brands to add new master data identifiers to products, to react to market conditions without needing any code changes in the POS or eCommerce systems. Tailored Brands can now extend its solutions to any country with language support for anywhere it decides to expand its retail operations.

Tailored Brands was able to obtain faster checkouts and consistent results once promotion calculations were automated with the specific rules that were required by promotion and brand.   Each brand maintained its unique promotion complexity without having to give up functionality due to another brand’s decision.

Today, Tailored Brands and XCCommerce continue their strong partnership, delivering complex and unique promotions across all channels and brands.