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Canada’s premier bookstore and XCCommerce partner to deliver an omni-channel solution

Executive Summary

We needed a single solution that could support our omni-channel promotion strategy, our brands’ unique loyalty and business requirements, and our various head-office, in-store and online systems.


Canada’s premier bookstore with over 180 stores across Canada and annual revenues over $1B, was replacing its point of sale system and needed to find a solution that could meet its ever-changing promotion needs. Replacing its existing ERP/POS promotion solution, our Client was looking for a solution that could easily create complex promotions required to meet its complex promotion challenges. In addition, our Client’s Retail teams needed an automated solution to eliminate manual involvement by the Sales Associate in applying promotions.


Our Client implemented the XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) to support its marketing teams’ efforts to create promotions to increase sales and revenue, as well as to support its coupon-based reward promotions. The XCCommerce solution was implemented across all sales applications, including traditional POS, mobile POS, kiosks, ecommerce, and mobile application.

The XCCommerce PSS provided the capabilities to create complex promotions and coupons that were needed to meet its immediate promotional needs, as well as support the future growth of our Client’s loyalty programs.

Results Delivered

The implementation of the XCCommerce PSS enabled our Client to run the promotions that it could not previously achieve, as well as expand its promotion offerings over time without needing to change its applications. XC’s Central Coupon Module was deployed to support its Gift Card program and setup coupons centrally.  When our Client launched new customer loyalty programs and new promotions, they simply created these new promotions in the centralized promotion tool and were able to execute these programs without having to change their promotion infrastructure.

With the fully automated XCCommerce solution, our Client eliminated the need for Sales Associates to make decisions about whether or not a customer met the requirements of a promotion, resulting in reduced margin loss across the chain. It also shortened checkout times to such a degree that lane counts were reduced in large format stores. XCCommerce’s PSS has been deployed to all channels, supporting POS, eCommerce and Mobile sales applications.

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