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Leading home improvement retailer and XCCommerce partner to deliver complex and unique promotional offers

Executive Summary


Our Client, one of Canada’s leading home improvement retailers, was replacing its Point Of Sale (POS) system and needed a promotion solution to support its specific requirements. Our Client also needed to ‘future proof’ themselves against new development costs as new functionality is required and new channels are added.

Operating in a very competitive market, our Client needed an advanced promotion solution to deliver basic promotional offers (e.g. % discount, BOGO) as well as promotions tiered on quantity or spend amount (e.g. buy 12 of any item and get the 13th free).

The promotion solution would need to support our Client’s challenge of multiple sale types and customers, including cash and carry sales, custom orders and commercial transactions for Do-It-Yourself individuals and professional contractors.

In addition to complex promotion types, our Client required the ability to select the best deal between promotions which overlapped on the same items, guaranteeing consistency and  customer satisfaction, while eliminating unintended deep discounts due to multiple competing offers.


Our Client implemented the XCCommerce (XC) promotion solution to support its POS Enhancement Program, providing rich promotion functionality combined with fast, fully automated consistent results.

XC’s industry leading promotion solution allowed our Client to implement its desired promotions and marketing strategies, enabling them to quickly adapt to industry trends and pressures. At the same time, the XC solution reduced any load and stress on cashiers while providing customer satisfaction through consistent results.

Results Delivered

Adoption of the XCCommerce Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) was achieved in a short period of time, and has provided our Client with the ability to implement almost any type of promotional offer that can be imagined. The adoption of PSS has provided our Client with the ability to support any future sales channels they may want, such as consumer-based shopping tools.

Support is provided for commercial customers (professionals) who receive varying discounts by product category, depending on their business volume rating with our Client. Support is also provided for custom orders, including modification of orders after the initial completion and appropriate recalculation of promotions.

XCCOMMERCE’s Promotion Engine delivered an automated solution to apply promotions and commercial discounts quickly and accurately, eliminating cashier manual intervention and thereby reducing labour costs, and ensuring only applicable offers are applied.

For more information on our advanced promotion solutions and how they can support your marketing and promotions strategies, contact XCCommerce at