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Partnership with Leading specialty retailer to deliver multi-brand/channel promotional capabilities

Executive Summary


Our Client, the largest specialty retailer for women and girls in the United States, was in need of a new promotion solution to support the unique requirements of its many brands. The existing landscape had multiple ERP, POS, eCommerce and OMS systems between different brands and sales channels, and when new promotion functionality was required, our Client had to spend time and money to implement multiple changes between each solution.

Our Client’s existing solutions lacked the required functionality to support its need for custom promotions, causing inconsistencies across channels and brands due to the manual effort that was necessary.


Partnering with XCCommerce (XC), our Client implemented the XC Promotion Solutions Suite to deliver an omni-channel promotion and coupon solution, enabling promotions to be unique to each brand regardless of the sales channels in place.

Results Delivered

XC’s Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) delivered our Client the same complex promotion capabilities without needing to perform custom development for their eCommerce, OMS and POS systems. With the elimination of costly and time-consuming customizations, our Client was able to drive sales and revenues with the immediate delivery of new and complex promotions. XC’s promotion solutions allowed the business teams to invent and implement new and creative promotions with the simplicity of a web-based wizard.

Our Client experienced faster checkouts and consistent results once promotion calculations were automated with the specific rules that were required by promotion and brand.   Each brand maintained its unique promotion complexity, without having to give up functionality due to another brand’s decision. In addition, XC’s fully automated promotion calculation resulted in a reduction of labour required across all channels, including stores and call centres.

As our Client adds new brands, it has the ability to seamlessly implement XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite and immediately experience the same benefits being delivered to its other brands.

With the rapid growth of digital solutions in the retail industry, the well-established partnership with XCCommerce will allow our Client to transition quickly and be a leader amongst their competition.

For more information on our advanced promotion solutions and how they can support your marketing and promotions strategies, contact XCCommerce at