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Point-of-Sale Enhancement Program with Shoppers Drug Mart

Executive Summary

Being a national drug retailer, our new POS promotions software has positioned us to offer our customers more timely
and targeted promotions that fit the fast paced lifestyles of today’s consumers.



Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM), Canada’s leading drug store retailer with more than 1,300 stores and the largest loyalty program in Canada, needed to upgrade its promotion solution to enable the delivery of complex promotions demanded by its customers and business. Targeted offers, dynamic coupons, and customer choice awards were critical requirements, enabling SDM to create a competitive advantage and enhance the benefits of its loyalty program. Implementation of a new solution needed to optimize and extend SDMs existing mission-critical systems.


SDM partnered with XCCommerce (XC) to support its Point-of-Sale (POS) Enhancement Program, to implement and integrate XC’s Promotion Solution Suite (PSS) with SDM’s existing corporate systems and new POS solution.

XC’s industry leading promotion solution helped SDM transform its promotions and marketing strategies, enabling rapid creation of unique and complex promotions to support and enhance SDM’s loyalty program.

XCCommerce’s powerful and innovative Promotion Engine transformed and simplified SDM’s promotion management processes by fully automating conflict resolution for overlapping complex promotions and targeted offers.

Results Delivered

Leveraging the rich and sophisticated functionality from XCCommerce’s Promotion Solution Suite, Shoppers Drug Mart can build the complex promotions required to support its unique business needs and further strengthen its loyalty program.

With the implementation of the XC solution, SDM was able to further strengthen its extremely successful loyalty program by rewarding consumer loyalty with loyalty points and targeted offers based on membership level. The flexiblity of the XC promotion solutions allowed SDM to implement a new feature as part of its customer loyalty program,  where the consumer receives a message at the end of a transaction stating “You could have earned xx points today”. Shoppers also leveraged XC’s innovative rules-based promotions engine to create the unique Customer Choice promotion, where the promotion engine calculates two possible rewards (a number of points or a discount amount) and the customer is presented the choice.

In addition, the implementation of the XC promotions solution provides SDM customers with a differentiated experience and a unified, seamless, and consistent solution across all channels generating a positive experience for all SDM customers.

For more information on our advanced promotion solutions and how they can support your marketing and promotions strategies, contact XCCommerce at